The Daily Grind Video

Alright you sucka emcee’s time to get your weight up!

Lupe is coming for and not holding any bars. He is fresh outta lollipops and handing out ass whoopings on your own tracks!

On his latest release, Lupe takes on Rick Rozy’s ‘Blowing Money Fast’ and does it justice! With his version properly titled Building Minds Faster’, Lupe takes 5 mins and 37 seconds to shout out some of the true gangstas in African American history and music. Lupe uses his time to educate rappers who have become the poster child of what is now known as hip hop/rap.

In a very tasteful but direct way,Lupe calls out rappers for buying and selling images that have plagued the hip hop community.

On this track, Lupe makes it known that he is still very much gangsta but chooses to use his to ‘Build Minds Fast’!

If you haven’t already, turn this ish up bang it all night!

Lauren Danae