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Over the past few weeks, we have been in very close contact with the family of Trevor Casey, the young boy who was choked by the police in the video below.  He has a very long road ahead, as he faces a criminal trial and still is recovering from the mental and physical damage caused by the incident.  Sadly, many of the injuries and mental suffering that he endured from the incident may be permanent. The irrevocable damage done to this young man is beyond belief.  We MUST come to his side and help him and his family during this very difficult time.  They barely have enough money to survive, and now with mounting legal fees…things are getting very tough, so we have helped them set up a legal defense fund.  I have pledged to match every dollar that is raised from the Global Grind community, so when you send in a check, put Global Grind in the memo, and I will match your donation.  No donation is too small, even if it is $1.  Let us not let this family down, as they continue to go through very difficult times and a very challenging healing process.  I urge all of you to donate to their fund, so we can bring this young man justice.

Please send checks to:

The Trevor Casey Legal Defense Fund
c/o Ronny L. Wingate, Esq.
1119 Adams Street, 2nd Floor
Toledo, OH 43604

Love and Light,