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My name is Jessica White and I am known to the world as a model. I have been blessed with success beyond my wildest dreams, from walking the hottest runways to being the first African-American model with two beauty contracts to gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated seven times!  However, beyond all of the glitz and glamour (and hard work), there’s more to me and my story that I feel compelled to share with you.

Humbly speaking, with the success I have had, I realized a much greater calling in my life.  I love my job, but I have come to a point where I need to do more.  So I started a charity called Angel Wings Foundation, whose mission is to help young girls and women who have been sexually abused, victims of domestic violence, or even abuse that one has caused on herself.  These issues are very important to me, not only because of what the statistics say, but of what I have experienced firsthand.  In the past seventeen years, only 31% of all rapes and sexual victimizations were reported to the police.


I was a case that was not reported.

I’m coming forth because I can identify with women and young girls who have been abused, discouraged or bound by fear.   Because of my silence, I put myself through an unnecessary struggle dealing with depression, rage, paranoia and drug addiction…all before the age of 21.  God gave me a second chance at life and now I’m giving back.  I hope my words and actions can uplift and empower fellow girls and women to speak up and speak out about the horrible epidemic in our nation and our world. 

Let’s come together and glorify the things that could have destroyed you!

God Bless,