The White Girl Mob’s leading lady Kreayshawn is a certified cat lady.  By her own admission, “Gucci Gucci” rapper Kreayshawn absolutely loves cats and even pays someone to “cat sit” her kitties while she’s out on the road.  Being the owner of two cats, Kreayshawn can’t pinpoint where her obsession with cats even began, but […]

Hello Global Grinders.  Some of you may have caught me on the latest episode of ‘The T.O. Show’, and through viewing it, many may have gone on to “google me”. I have to say the statement has caught on.  I wanted to set the record straight on how I was wearing lingerie on the show […]

Being a lifelong fan of the life, work and career of Russell Simmons I was flattered and a bit overwhelmed at his invitation to add my voice to this forum as The Jessica White Diaries. In getting started I thought I would take a moment to share a little about my story, and some of […]


My name is Jessica White and I am known to the world as a model. I have been blessed with success beyond my wildest dreams, from walking the hottest runways to being the first African-American model with two beauty contracts to gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated seven times!  However, beyond all of the glitz […]