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Hello Global Grinders.  Some of you may have caught me on the latest episode of ‘The T.O. Show’, and through viewing it, many may have gone on to “google me”. I have to say the statement has caught on.  I wanted to set the record straight on how I was wearing lingerie on the show as I have received some negative criticism about how I have contradicted myself:

‘She stated that she wants a man that will treat her like a princess yet she acted like a prostitute, by waiting for him damned near nude and she doesn’t even know him like that. She is so giving of her body because she lacks self-esteem. I am the self-esteem expert that can help her – check out my book on Amazon – How to be a Young Lady: Your Total Guide for Being the Best Possible You! You gotta check out page 49, it will blow your mind!’

First off these reality shows have a way of editing footage to make “good” TV.  Terrell and I have known each other for quite some time.  I would never break into a man’s house who I met days prior, get in my lingerie and offer to stay at his home.  The reality projected on the show is not the actual ‘reality’.  As far as me lacking self esteem – I can’t think of anything further from the truth.  I will admit to many flaws, and like any young strong black woman I am making strides to correct them every day. I also try to share my personal hardships in order to help other women strive to improve their own lives. I am extremely passionate about empowerment which is exactly why I am having my first fund-raiser for my “Angel Wings” foundation on august 25th in my hometown of buffalo, hit me up if you want to play a round of golf or make a donation.

I hope to act as an example of a woman who has been able to overcome many challenges to establish herself as a professional with great confidence and dedication.  It is disappointing to read feedback that undermines the confidence I truly internalize. It has been a hard road trying to establish strength after being sexually abused as a young teenager but I am proud of where I have gotten and where I still am striving to go.

So, If anyone else has any other ‘inquiries’ please feel free to google me.

Jessica White

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