roseland ballroom

No one knew at the time, but as Beyonce prepared for her “4 Intimate” shows at Roseland Ballroom in NYC, she was also pregnant! Being one of the most determined and humble celebrities in the industry, Beyonce shares her journey through 4 in this new behind the scenes video.  PHOTOS: Beyonce Shows Off Her Baby […]

Lady Gaga went to see Beyonce’s intimate New York City show at Roseland Ballroom last night.  Dressed in all black like the omen, Lady Gaga had fans outside going crazy as she rolled up wearing a black velvet dress and a flamboyant lace black veil.  For More Pictures Of Lady Gaga Visiting Beyonce, Click Here! […]


The future is finally here – ok, well, that statement doesn’t actually make logical sense, but Google has developed a car that DRIVES ITSELF. The unmanned car is capable of driving on public highways, not just on a closed-off race course like past videos. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the most prominent research […]

No matter where in the world you are and what language they speak, if you see a golden arch you’ll always know its a McDonalds. The golden arches in the shape of the letter M is McDonalds Logo, the way you can easily identify their product, their famous symbol. Logo’s are important to every brand […]

What’s going on people!! Its been hectic sorry I didn’t get back sooner. I’m filming movies, working on the upcoming single and album, plus my favorite thing right now is that I launched my new website not too long ago. Basically I’m busy being ‘famous for nothing’, That’s what they say right? LOLI wanna first […]

We know that Teyana Taylor does a lot, and I will say she always looks good doing it. The Harlemite first came on to the radar back when she did My Super Sweet 16, and has since been seen in the company of Pharrell, Chris Brown, New Boyz, Lil Mama…the list goes on. For her […]

Google Trends has been trippin’ for a while. For those of us who aren’t familiar with that particular division Google’s Internet empire, Google Trends allows users to see which search-terms are entered into the search engine most often on any given day. It comes in handy when people want to see what’s going on in […]

If you were to be a fly on the wall of any locker room prior to a big game in any sport, you might be a little surprised to hear the abundance of encouraging and inspirational words going around in addition to actual, tactical strategy. A savvy coach knows how critical attitude can play into […]

Hello Global Grinders.  Some of you may have caught me on the latest episode of ‘The T.O. Show’, and through viewing it, many may have gone on to “google me”. I have to say the statement has caught on.  I wanted to set the record straight on how I was wearing lingerie on the show […]