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After Academy Awards co-host James Franco had to fight allegations that he was stoned out of his mind during the telecast, we see him a month later starring in a brand new stoner flick. Cheers to Franco! He is now becoming the face of the cool stoner guy, first in “Pineapple Express” and now in a new addition to stoner cinema classics, “Your Highness.”

STORY: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa “This Weed Iz Mine”

Franco joins the list of unforgettable characters that made us laugh while smoking the wacky tobacky. As we look through the list of memorable pot heads, we see that they range from old hippies to high school heroes.

From Spicoli to the Dude, we have the all-time best characters from your favorite doobie movies.

STORY: Jim Jones: “The Weed Be Knowing” (EXCLUSIVE)


Sean Penn “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”

Character: Jeff Spicoli

Plot: A collection of stories dealing with students at Ridgemont High School, Jeff Spicoli is a young standout who spends his days surfing and smoking with his friends.  

Best Line: “You Di*k.”


Chris Tucker “Friday”

Character: Smokey

Plot: Smokey convinces his friend to join him in a marijuana smoking session, unbeknownst to his friend they are smoking product that doesn’t belong to them. The action ensues in a California neighborhood.

Best Line: “You got knocked the fu*k out man.”


Cheech & Chong “Up in Smoke, 1978”

Characters: Anthony ‘Man’ Stoner played by Tommy Chong and Pedro De Pacas played by Cheech Marin.

Plot: Two stoners unknowingly smuggle a van – made entirely of marijuana – from Mexico to L.A. 


Dennis Hopper in “Easy Rider” 

Character: Billy

Plot: Two counterculture bikers travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans in search of America. 

Best Line: “Hey man.”


Jeff Bridges “The Big Lebowski”

Character: The Dude

Plot Line: An avid bowler gets his life interrupted when he has to find the missing wife of a millionaire with the same name.

Best Line: “His Dudeness.”


Al Shearer “How High”

Character: I Need Money

Plot Line: Two young marijuana enthusiasts take their talents to Harvard University and the hijinks ensue. Along the way, they meet a mute young man by the name of “I Need Money.” 


Jim Breuer “Half Baked”

Character: Kenny

Plot: A group of friends has to sell marijuana in order to get their friend out of jail.

Best Line: “Funions.”


Kal Penn “Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle”

Character: Kumar

Plot: Kumar and his best friend Harold are on a mission to get juicy White Castle burgers that lead them on an all night adventure.

Side Note: Kal Penn is now Barack Obama’s associate director of public engagement.  

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