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GlobalGrind had the chance to chill with rapper Jim Jones in his studio and talk about his new album Capo, which releases today April 5th. Jim kept it totally 100 with GlobalGrind, from his music to his differences with Jay-Z, and of course talks of a Dipset album.

Jim broke down the history of weed, how he hustles in the morning, and everything in between. Check out Jim Jones’ exclusive interview with GlobalGrind below and on the next few pages!

In your professional opinion which is better, “sour diesel” or  “purple haze?”

Those are two different generations of weed right there. When I first started smoking weed, the best weed out there was “hydro.” Before we smoked hydro we were on regular weed and crazy chocolate, and uptown branson’s and sh*t like that. That was early. Hydro got played out, and we started smoking that “Ogden.”

Ogden was the haze, and that was 97′ going into 98′ when haze started going crazy. Haze lasted a long time, about 10 years straight. Everybody was on that piff, that piffery, that piffilogy, that hazery.  N*ggas were coming to the hill buying dimes of red lined bags by the twenties and thirties.

Then the California weed has always been in the play book. Different flavors and sh*t, like that sour diesel. People acquired a different taste for weed, and now it’s starting to turn into more exotics weed. Purple kush, and the diesels, sour diesel, the sour kush diesel, and the five strands.

So what’s your favorite?

Oh, I’m on that diesel.  But the kush is super dope too. You can get that “grand daddy” super dumb stupid kush. I just like good weed. I’ve been smoking weed for a long time so you know.

Do you like to microwave your weed?

Oh, nah. That’s that new generation sh*t. I used to do all kinds of crazy sh*t, like rolling double barrel blunts, but now just give me some good weed and a Dutch. Weed is a fun thing.

Whoopi Goldberg admitted she was high during her Oscar’s acceptance speech, what do you think about that?

Wow. That’s dope. The weed knows. Like Smokey said in “Friday” ‘the weed be knowing.’

Your new album Capo comes out April 5th.

Yea, April 5th. Go pick it up and go buy it. It’s definitely a super dope album. I have a lot of dope features on it. I’m proud of it and I’m excited about it. Let’s go!

What was your thought process behind the album? How did you create it?

My thought process was about life. This album is a little more aggressive than my last album. I’m bouncing back from the recession. I had to hustle hard and with hustling you have to be aggressive. It’s very strong.

Do you ever feel pressured to create a bunch of hit records for your albums?

As a business man you have to produce radio friendly records. If you want to get some spins. I don’t have the time to be fighting against the system, you know?  I ain’t stubborn. I’m just trying to get some money.




When can the fans expect a Dipset album?

We’re coming. It’s more to come. We’re all just trying to finish up our personal solo endeavors. There was a lot of legal stuff we had to get straight so that all of us can start to record an album together.  Shout out to Interscope records. We’re coming “Independence Day.” Word.

You squashed your differences with Cam’ron, do you think you’ll ever squash your differences with Jay-Z?

I don’t have any differences with jay. That’s old school. It was good when it was rockin, but you know.

We just watched your “Hustle In The Morning” video, what else do you do in the morning besides hustling?

(laughs) I go to the gym in the morning and eat a good breakfast.

What does your breakfast consist of?

I eat 8 hard boiled eggs before I go to the gym and have a shake and have a good lunch. I don’t start eating bad until after I eat lunch.

GlobalGrind interviewed Chrissy for her show “Love & Hip-Hop,” what do you think of the show?

I think it’s pretty dope. It’s like my own little sitcom. Like the “Cosby’s” or some sh*t.

Your mom is the star of the show.

Yea she’s ill. That’s her. She’s not putting on an act at all.

Somaya Reece was trying to collaborate with you musically on the show, what do you really think about her music?

You got to watch to show to get my real opinion.

Chrissy originally told GlobalGrind that the show was supposed to be about you? What happened with that?

I don’t think the show would have been as effective with the cameras just following me around. I got too much going right now. I wasn’t really feeling it. Where I’m at in my life you never know what could happen during the course of the day, and some things you don’t need cameras to capture.  I like it this way. I can still be supportive in the show and support my lady, and don’t have to put myself out there. They’ve been trying to do this with me for four years. Shout out to all the girls on the show.

Word on the street is that you’re trying to collaborate with Kid Rock on a track?

Yea, I’m trying to get in touch with Kid Rock I want him to jump on this track.

Do you listen to rock music?

I listen to his music, because his music has a lot of rhythm to it.





If you could collaborate with any pop artist who would it be?

Probably Bruno Mars.

If you were sent away to a deserted island and could only bring along three albums, what three albums would you bring?

“The Chronic,” “Ambitions of a Rider” double CD from Tupac, and the first diplomat mixtape.

You have tons of tattoos, what was the very first tattoo you got?

This one here, it was just a scroll with nothing around it. This dry ass scroll that my man did it. He did it in his house. He said he knew how to tattoo, when he just came home from jail. (laughs)

How many tats do you have?

I have so many, I stopped counting.

What is something that most people don’t know about you? It can be something fun or serious.

I don’t like mayonnaise.

At the end of the day, when everything is said and done, what do you want people to know about Jim Jones?

He was a bonafide hustla. And that he got to that moneeeey. (laughs)

Anything else you want to share?

Just cop that album April 5th. Go to Fuse onDemand Jim Jones TV. Bird Gang, we still fly high.



Rapper Jim Jones.


Rapper Jim Jones.


Jim Jones and his girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin. 


Rapper Jim Jones.