This story is about nothing more than the brain-busting pondering of celebrity bliss and all the things they do that make you go hmmm … To get your brain running during midday, GlobalGrind has presented celebrity imponderables.

There may be no specific explanation or reason, but GlobalGrind is sure that ‘hmmm’ moments will serve as good brain candy. Things that make you go hmmm … is a small collection of humorous questions or statements that will leave you baffled.

Tara Reid is the queen of partying and the queen of embarassing moments, but guess what, ladies and gentlemen? That doesn’t slow her down one little bit. This time around it wasn’t a clumsy fall or a nip slip that had everyone up in arms about Ms. Reid.

Tara Reid lost her tooth, yes, her tooth, while partying! If that isn’t the craziest thing you’ve ever heard, than someone please share a crazier story. Tara found her tooth, popped it back in and kept going! Although she looks a little disheveled, that doesn’t stop the lady sitting next to her from laying a big one on Tara’s cheek. 

Check out more hilarious things that make you go hmmm on the next few pages!


Russell Brand caught wearing whitey tighties … ummm … hmmm. 


If you’re wondering why Jennifer Lopez has half her butt and her whole right hip exposed for no apparent reason, well, GlobalGrind is too?  


Is it just us or does Bristol Palin look a little different? We can’t really put our finger on it, but something is very different about Bristol’s face. Well, who NOSE?! Hmmm…


Christina looks a little different! She’s wearing much less makeup than usual and some not so matchy hair extensions. Wait, we can’t forget about that orange see-though bra! 


Naked Cowboy gets upstaged by Larry The Cable Guy. The only problem with that is Larry The Cable Guy’s body is … uhhh … hmmm. 


Prince Harry, is that you? When you get finished chit-chatting with your furry friend, will you please tell us what he said? 

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