Today (May 18), we got our first footage of the upcoming Netflix documentary that follows the highs and lows of the iconic Jennifer Lopez. Click inside to watch!

A Jennifer Lopez documentary is headed to Netflix this Summer. Halftime offers an intimate look inside the life of Lopez recognizing her as the all-around talent she is from her performances onscreen and on stage. Read more details inside.

Sean “Diddy” Combs just bought back the rights to his famous streetwear label, Sean John, just in time for the holidays. Take a look at this gallery of celebrities in Sean John over the years as we prepare for the next wave of the legendary streetwear brand.

Head inside to watch the trailer, plus an official synopsis and release date for the film.

The girls can learn a great deal from Jennifer Lopez about how to live a true hot girl summer. Today, she will teach you how if you follow a few simple steps to achieve a flawless, fun and fabulous hot girl lifestyle. 

Miley Cyrus is also set to perform for the NFL’s pregame TikTok tailgate on Sunday, February 7. The "Midnight Sky" singer appeared on her Instagram giving fans a sneak peek into what rehearsals look like for her upcoming performance. 

J. Lo discussed her new single "In The Morning" (which came complete with internet-breaking artwork), her upcoming JLo Beauty line, and more.

J. Lo hit instagram right after the clock struck 12 to shout her fiancé out. Head inside.

Today, Jennifer Lopez turns 51 years old and we’re in awe of all that she has accomplished, to say nothing of the fact that it seems the singer/dancer/actress/businesswoman has zero plans of letting up any time soon. As most know, J. Lo started out as a Fly Girl dancer for In Living Color, before going […]

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