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If 22-year-old British male model and boxer Rob Evans looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen him in this spring’s CK one commercials shaking his groove thing alongside Cassie and a slew of young, scantily clad good looking people dancing under the direction of legendary photographer Steven Meisel.

Since his “discovery” back in Belfast, England, Evans has taken the fashion world by storm, walking in shows for Givenchy and Trussardi and nearly baring it all for publications here and across the Atlantic. He’s appeared in i-D, Numero Tokyo, Johnson and Self Service magazines to name a few. 

Wonder why men are wearing leopard prints? Thank Evans and Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tischi who dressed the Irish-British model in Look Number 20, leopard print trunks, for Givenchy’s S/S 2011 show in Paris last year. Tisci’s eye and  Evans’s swagger on the runway sealed the deal and then some.

The term supermodel can aptly and easily be applied to Evans because he towers at six foot three and has a chest that’s 42 inches wide; bullets as well as lights bounce off him!

Evans, his good looks coupled with his rugged background and training as a boxer, oozes masculinity, the kind last seen in the 1980s on celluloid and is now remerging for a second act. (See Vin Diesel vs. The Rock in “Fast Five”).

In the CK One presentation, Evans is a colossal of muscle, pop-locking with abandon. In print, his physical presence singes the lens: cameras and their operators love him and so do we.   

GlobalGrind spoke with Evans via email last week while he was on assignment in London, and one week before he headed off to Cannes. He revealed to us his thoughts about transitioning from boxing to modeling and what he wears under his clothes.

The black and white portraits accompanying the text were made by New York based photographer Fabien Montique. They are exclusive to GlobalGrind. Additional images were made by Solve Sunsbo and are from Givenchy’s Men S/S 11 2010 presentation. Special thanks to Florian Acheron at Major Models. Let’s go!


GlobalGrind: What do your mates think about your new profession?

Rob Evans: If I’m honest, they don’t take to it too well, because where I’m from, it’s a bit rough. Most of my mates were boxers; they didn’t take to it too well. The girlfriends and family are proud though.

As a model you travel often. Where have you been and what country or city is your favorite to work in?

Yeah, that’s my favorite part of this game, the traveling! I had never been abroad until I went to Paris to do Givenchy. Since then: Milan and New York City. NYC is my favorite place to be and work; things happen a lot faster in NYC.

What was your record as a boxer?

22-1. I was 21 and a crusierweight, then I moved up as heavyweight and lost. I just wasn’t ready for them. I’m still a bit too light. That was a couple months back and I haven’t boxed since then.

Photography by Fabien Montique.


Who would be your dream challenger? Choose one: Tyson, Holyfield, Mayweather, Leonard, Lewis. Why? 

Tyson, as crazy as it sounds. But I would love to have felt just how strong he was. 

Did you have hopes to represent Britain in the Olympics, or were you thinking of only going pro?

Yeah, that was my dream! I was three times British champion; I boxed for England/GB and if I would have won it two more years in a row, it would have proved I was the best Britain had to offer five years in a row. That’s when you get looked at for the 2012 [Olympics] team. When I was in Milan they had the ABA on and the kid I beat two years in a row won it. I was gutted! It’s also days like that I think that this modeling thing is really worth it.

Photography by Fabien Montique.

Not since Tyson Beckford has the fashion world been so excited about a male supermodel. What does that mean to you, if anything?

It means a lot to me that people are taking to my look the way they are. It’s also a bit crazy to me, too, because I never saw it coming. I didn’t ask to be a model, I got spotted and turned it down for like five months before I agreed to do it because I see myself everyday and I was just a boxer. To me, then, when Azza [photographer who encouraged Evans] said you should model, I thought maybe I could do some sports advertising like model for Lonsdale Boxing Shorts or something. Not for one minute did I ever think I would be compared to someone like Tyson, he’s a legend in the fashion world.

Are you single?

Yeah i’m single, I’ve got a goal to reach and I wanna get there. I don’t want any distractions. I see it all the time: I had mates that could have been real good boxers but then they meet a girl and you would never see them again. I don’t want that to happen to me.

Photography by Fabien Montique.


What type of women, if any, do you like to date?

I don’t really have a race even though I think [women from the Orient] are beautiful. But she has to be funny, energetic [and] sporty. If she’s stunning, then that’s a bonus. Personality is what does it for me.

They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach? What won’t you eat?

…And that’s a fact, trust me! I eat pretty much anything but I won’t go near beetroot, cucumber, or celery. Other than that I’ll eat anything.

Who is more interesting: Prince William or Prince Harry?

Prince Harry definitely! I think it’s because he knows everything is gonna be left to his brother so he just thinks, “F**K it” and  goes off the rail; and knows how to enjoy himself.

Photography by Solve Sunsbo.


Who has been your favorite photographer to work with thus far?

I like all the photographers I’ve worked with, but I would say Milan for L’officiel. He’s so down to earth for the reputation the man has.

You’ve walked the runway and modeled some interesting outfits. What wouldn’t you wear in your life off the catwalk?

Skinny jeans, hell no!

Please describe your exercise routine.

I haven’t worked out in about four months because of all the traveling but when I boxed it was: get up at 6 for a run with hill sprints, 45 minutes, go home and rest then gym from 10-12;  rest 2-4, [work out from] 6-8. That’s how you train on the Great Britain team.

Boxers or briefs?

Boxers all the way, baby!

Above: Evans wearing Look Number 20 in Givenchy Mens S/S 11.