ck One

If 22-year-old British male model and boxer Rob Evans looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen him in this spring’s CK one commercials shaking his groove thing alongside Cassie and a slew of young, scantily clad good looking people dancing under the direction of legendary photographer Steven Meisel. Since his “discovery” back in Belfast, England, Evans has […]


El Paso dance teacher Marco Alferez is allegedly possessing and making child pornography only underscores how important their job has become. According to federal prosecutors, Alferez is accused of possessing 98 videos of child pornography and hundreds of other videos that appear to be homemade. “Certainly 70 – that’s a lot of victims, and it’s a […]


EPIC FAIL by a North Georgia High School teacher who allowed four students to don mock Ku Klux Klan outfits for a final project. What possible school film project could there be that students would have to dress up like Klansmen? Catherine Ariemma is the teacher under fire who thought it was covering an important […]


 Amy Beck, a teacher at David Starr Jordan Middle School, is being accused of having sex and oral sex with a 14-year-old student. The 33-year-old English and social science teacher is scheduled to be arraigned on four counts of unlawful sex with a person under 16, and one count of oral copulation with a person […]

<p>Amy Beck is in news these days. She is not a celebrity or any other popular personality but she is making more headlines than most of the celebrities&nbsp;</p>

<p>Glee is based on a high school Spanish teacher who takes over the Glee club.&nbsp; The Glee club has the stigma you might imagine and consists of the loser misfit dredges that the popular kids wipe their shoes with.&nbsp; You know, the gay boy, the wheel chair kid, the overweight girl, the freakishly driven theatrical […]