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El Paso dance teacher Marco Alferez is allegedly possessing and making child pornography only underscores how important their job has become.

According to federal prosecutors, Alferez is accused of possessing 98 videos of child pornography and hundreds of other videos that appear to be homemade.

“Certainly 70 – that’s a lot of victims, and it’s a very sad story,’ said John Shehan, with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Shehan said the center is working with law enforcement across the country to try to combat a rise in child pornography.


‘The Internet has certainly helped to facilitate this type of exchange of communication with individuals with a sexual interest in children,” Shehan said.

Since 2002, the center had reviewed more than 38 million images of suspected child pornography. They have only been able to identify and assist 3,000 children, Shehan said.