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What: Google OS lapstop

Made By: Google

What It Does: Allows people in need of a compter to buy one easily. 

Price: $20/month

Google has announced today that for $20 a month, they will allow students to own a Google Crome OS computer. It is unclear as to whether or not you actually have to purchase the computer at a rate of $20 a month or if once you don’t need it anymore you can give it back. But for the price, the package you get is both the hardware and online services needed for Chrome OS.


What: e-Cigarettes

Made By: Blu

What It Does: Alerts you to smokers within 50 feet of you

Price: $70

Blu e-cigarettes make it easier to find someone close to you who is also enjoying the odorless vapor of an e-Cigarette within 50 feet of you. The pack the e-Cigarette comes in will vibrate and flash blue when you have a fellow smoker close by which, we suppose, fits into the social networking aspect of smoking. Smoking in general is still a bad habit and this honestly seems like a marketing ploy to get kids more interested in smoking. That isn’t cool at all. But if it helps an adult quit smoking actual cigarettes, then we are all for it.



What: Luna

Made By: RoboDynamics

What It Does: Personal Robot

Price: $3,000

Luna is a completely programmable 5 ft. tall robotic assistant. Made by the Santa Monica based RoboDynamics, Luna comes with her own one-click Luna App Store, eight “Luna Expansion Ports” (think 12/5 volt USB for robots), and Luna CloudNet where third-parties can sell additional functionality like face recognition. The robot ships with a number of personality packs and features an 8-inch touchscreen, two cameras, wireless connectivity, a three-mic array and a variety of sensors. She reminds us a lot of Rosie from the Jetsons. See her in action after the break.


Luna in action.


What: Vintage looking digital camera

Made By: Rolleiflex

What It Does: Everything a digital camera does

Price: $270

For those of you who like that old school camera feeling, you can still get it, sort of, with the new Rolleiflex. Although the crank needs to be turned for every picture and each picture comes out in a square shape instead of the average rectangle, you can still look at a 1.1 inch digital lens and screen. It’s actually pretty cool and we won’t tell your little secret if you don’t. Available in red or black.