Leaked claims of Google's LaMDA being sentient has surfaced. The "bot" that lives in the virtual world believes it's human at its core. 

At the end of each year Google releases very interest statistics, revealing the most-searched queries and topics all over the world.

Songstress Ari Lennox has been working to spotlight black owned businesses with her new Youtube series with co-host Shaughn Cooper. They have interviewed and released episodes highlighting a few businesses from her hometown Washington, DC from a local ice cream shop to a wildly new and successful online plant shop. Most recently, Lennox took her series beyond Youtube to partner with Google and US Black Chambers, Inc. to create a jingle for the black and woman owned plant shop, Grounded for Black owned Friday. 

Google is taking inclusion seriously—so seriously, in fact, the tech company has removed the egg from their salad emoji to make vegans feel more welcome. Anyone else giggling just a little? As you can imagine, vegans feel right at home while the rest of the internet thinks vegans, and Google for that matter, are extra […]

Watch him Google questions without typing or speaking and see the device read the results back to him via vibrations.

Google's latest device—Google Clips—could be a serious game changer.

He crashed a 5th grade class of computer science students to announce that Google would be investing in them.

The future is now upon us. Instead of typing in a random  question about your favorite celeb and getting a generic Internet answer — now you can get the answer straight from the star themselves. On Thursday, Google launched a new search feature that will have celebs answering commonly searched questions about themselves in the form […]