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On Saturday, May 14th, Farm Sanctuary held their anniversary at Cipriani’s, celebrating 25 years of progress for farm animals. Through rescue, education and advocacy they have been fighting cruelty towards farm animals nationwide. It is the largest farm animal protection organization and co-founded and run by Gene Baur.

Hosts and special guests included Rory Freedman, author of “Skinny Bitch,” comedian Carol Leifer and actors Eric Roberts, Wendie Malick, Loretta Swit and Nellie McKay among many others.

We caught up with the lovely Rory Freedman on the Red Carpet.

How long have you been vegetarian or vegan?

I have been a vegetarian for 17 and a vegan for 7 years.

Being a Jersey girl, how did that happen?

I got a PETA magazine in college. When I saw how animals were treated on farms, I was not OK with that and I became a vegetarian overnight.

Photo by: Ivan Nikolov/


How did you make the transition from a vegetarian to a vegan diet?

Years later I went to a Farm Sanctuary event and I saw these cows. Their utters were so enormous that they were dragging down the ground that they were limping and falling down. And this is happening because I eat cheese! I said never ever again. That was it!

What is your advice for youth, if they want to transition to veganism?

Just start somewhere. There is an amazing website called, who are going to send you a free veggie start kit and of course Farm Sanctuary’s website. Just try it for 30 days or a day and just see what it feels like.

Above: Simone Reyes, Photo by: Ivan Nikolov/


What makes Farm Sanctuary so different from all the other animal rights advocacy groups?

They are the leaders and pioneers. They created this movement! They changed legislation. Whenever they need me, I completely support them whatever it is.

What is next for you?

Travel, travel, travel. I am on sabbatical, but my heart is always available to Farm Sanctuary.

Above: Cory Feldman, Photo by: Ivan Nikolov/

To find more information on how you can get involved with Farm Sanctuary, please visit