We live in a country that grants Americans freedom of speech via the First Amendment.  Activists have been exercising this right for years creating real change for the unheard and the underserved. However, all too often, when change threatens the influx of money to big businesses activists find themselves under attack. Animal rights activists who are members of […]

Recently I was asked by the Barbi Twins, Sia and Shane, best known as the record breaking Playboy Cover models/calendar gals turned documentary filmmakers, authors and all around amazing political/environmental/animal rights activists) to model for a campaign they masterminded for Stray Cat Alliance whose tag line is “Crazy Cat Ladies Just Got An Extreme Makeover”. The […]

I had the honor of attending National Animal Rights day for the second year in Los Angeles. The National Animal Rights Day (NARD), established by Our Planet. Theirs Too in 2011, is an annual day observed in the US on the first weekend of June, for the purpose of giving a voice to animals and raising awareness for […]

Life isn’t black or white. People typically aren’t all good or all bad. Many humans walk the line and crisscross back and forth, doing better when they know better. We are all a work in progress. When it comes to animals, maybe you believe you are on the side of right. You say you love […]

It’s not everyday you see a woman on a racetrack going 200mph. Rarer to see a vegetarian on the track. Even rarer still, to see a driver who is an environmental activist and drives a carbon free car on her off time, powered “by sunshine” as she likes to say- specifically from her roof. This […]

Like many kids raised by caring grandmothers in the Southwest side of Detroit, the son of an absent mother and drug-addicted father, Jonathan Fields grew up loving hip-hop. What he didn’t know then was he would soon be embarking on a road that took him straight to the man who opened the door to hip-hop […]

“Lady Godiva was a freedom fighter, she didn’t care if the whole world looked” is how the song goes….Filmmaker Lina Esco rode into NYC to celebrate her first film FREE THE NIPPLE like Godiva herself to  flanked  by topless female activists in a ski masks who definitely didn’t care if the whole world looked. In […]

This morning, the Associated Press reports: A group of American celebrities and other activists want President Barack Obama to refuse to sign an international trade agreement until Japan bans the capture and slaughter of dolphins in the fishing town of Taiji. Backing the effort are Oscar-winning performers Sean Penn, Cher, Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Hudson, Gwyneth […]

When it comes to animals, Simone Reyes is a down ass chick. The animal rights activist was among 19 arrested during the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade on Wednesday in connection with a protest of the Sea World float. Wearing a t-shirt with the words “SeaWorld Hurts Orcas” scrawled across the front, Reyes and the group […]

In a crowd of animal rights activists planning a stunt, the girl most likely to win the vote on who will get naked for the cause is usually me. I can’t exactly pinpoint why but I can safely assume it’s because I’ve stripped for PETA’s “Rather Go Naked” campaign many times and know how to […]

Today in Taiji the sun was shining brilliantly and warming up the crisp, chilly air by 9am. The sun floated on the Pacific Ocean creating tiny mirrors reflecting the beauty of the mountains all around it – it looked a bit like heaven might look from my viewpoint at our Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian lookout. […]

My morning alarm goes off at exactly 4:15am every morning here in Taiji since The Cove Guardians hit the streets before dawn (with our police shadows always in tow). This morning we watched the banger boats leave the harbor as they do every morning. Killers try to shield their faces from our cameras and start […]