Green Culture

Marcus Scribner is winning a Vanguard award for his work on social issues like environmentalism and amplifying BIPOC voices.

In a landmark decision Canada became the second country to legalize marijuana.

Marijuana Investments Up Nearly 600% From Last Year If you were ever thinking about investing in the Marijuana, you should consider planting those seeds now seeing as Cannabis industry saw a return of almost $1.23 billion in just the month of January. This number outlines a nearly 600 percent growth from the same time last […]

Did you know some of the most beautiful places are just a hop, skip and jump away from your home? When it comes to traveling, we often immediately think of somewhere all the way around the world. But before you fill up your passport, take a look at the world right here in the U.S. For […]

Toyota will be honored as one of the world’s leading green car producers at England’s upcoming Green Car Showcase. According to Blue and Green Tomorrow, the brand, along with several others, will be highlighted at the Renewable Energy Marketplace for the public to test drive the cars on display on April 8. Toyota’s Auris and Yaris […]

Everyday there are new items that take us one step closer to a greener world. According to TreeHugger, London’s Jive Bike has created a chain-less bike that you can store in the backseat of your car or under your desk. The Jive Bike is an electric bike that folds up to half its size, making it […]

Helloooo, Doctor. Over the weekend, doctors from all over the country celebrated National Doctor’s Day, a day meant to celebrate the achievements of MDs all over the country – the ones who put their lives on the line for their patients. According to the National Doctor’s Day website, the holiday began in 1933 in Winder, Ga. Some […]

With some states still feeling the effects of snow and blistering low temperatures, a report has surfaced and it claims we’ve survived far colder Winters. Go figure! According to Climate Central, a report from the U.S. National Climatic Data Center has named Winter 2014 the 8th warmest on record globally. December 2013 to February 2014 was the 8th […]

There are more green advocates in the hip-hop community than you think. With Common, Ludacris, and even Jay Z partaking in green lifestyle, there’s one producer who especially loves to share vital information with his loyal fans. Meet Chase N. Cashe. The rapper-producer is responsible for many hits from some of your favorite artists, including […]

National Agriculture day is here and we couldn’t be more thrilled. After all, where do you think Whole Foods gets those yummy berries from? According to Farm Futures, there are many people responsible for getting you the best food and veggies to your dinner table from all over the country. Many of them are family […]