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Everyday there are new items that take us one step closer to a greener world.

According to TreeHugger, London’s Jive Bike has created a chain-less bike that you can store in the backseat of your car or under your desk.

The Jive Bike is an electric bike that folds up to half its size, making it accessible for on the go bikers. The speed of the bike is about 15 MPH, with a 20-mile range. It can also be charged from a regular outlet.

For those who bike to work in their suits and pencil skirts, you can let out a sigh of relief. With a chain-less feature, lubrication is only needed once a year.

Another appealing feature of this e-bike is its fully-enclosed chainless drivetrain, which is said to be virtually maintenance-free (a once-a-year lubrication is all that’s required), and which will keep grease from staining clothes or furniture.

The Jive Bike will take a few of your coins. Its retail price lands at £1400 or $2,300 in U.S. dollars. You can also place a down payment of $160, which is refundable.

Would you go chain-less?

SOURCE: TreeHugger | Photo Credit: Jive Bike

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