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Many people saw it coming, but GlobalGrind was still shocked to hear that Nicki Minaj was parting ways from her manager Bad Boy CEO/rapper Diddy. Diddy who is a music mogul and businessman, is the head of multiple companies, as well as his own career. He also took on the task of managing Nicki Minaj’s career late last year. 

Hoping that Diddy would be more “hands on” for her budding career, Nicki Minaj parted ways from her ex-manager Debra Antney and Waka Flocka’s mom. After their split and the release of Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday,” Debra had a lot to say about Nicki’s musical decisions.

GlobalGrind decided to call Debra and ask her about Nicki’s decision to leave Diddy’s management. This is what she had to say, “That ain’t really my business. Nicki’s a grown woman, it’s her career and she knows what she wants. Nicki is a big girl. She should be able to have whoever she wants as her manager.”

Debra spoke the truth and she’s totally right. Nicki should be able to have whoever she wants as a manager! GlobalGrind supports Nicki and all of her musical endeavors.

Check out more celebs who parted ways from their managers on the next few pages! 


It came as a big surprise earlier this year when Beyonce announced that her and her father were parting ways on the business side of things. Matthew Knowles had managed his daughter’s career since she was a little girl and was partly responsible for her huge success. 


Usher had been managed by his mother Jonetta Patton when would no other record exec would give him a chance. In 2007, he broke away from his mother’s management. Usher later re-hired his mother a year later and then parted ways from her a second time in 2010, citing differences of career outlook. 


Benny Medina is best known for managing Jennifer Lopez‘s career, but amid her huge success, the two had a falling out and they called it quits in 2003. Five years later, J.Lo and Benny reunited and he’s been her manager ever since. He’s even a godparent to her twins Emme and Max. 


Party girl singer Ke$ha had a huge management team with DAS Communications while she was working with Dr. Luke. Things sparked between the two hit makers and Ke$ha wanted out of her one-sided contract with the management company. When Ke$ha broke the contract, a lawsuit came faster than a speeding bullet. Ke$ha and her old management company are still sorting out the details, but she’s been doing great without them. 

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