The Daily Grind Video

Today we’re helping you be cool like Cleopatra, wear your lipstick on your ears, stay sarcastic and silly, prepare for more wet weather and get fresh with runway fashions.


Who: Dirty Laundry
What: Round Up Black Rain Boot
Where: Zumiez
When: This weekend

GG Certified: We might need to break out the rain boots again this week on the East Coast. Why not use a pair like this?

Dirty Laundry Round Up Black Rain Boot.

Mixed Bag

Who: Modcloth 

What: Cleopatra Cool Shoulder Bag

Where: Modcloth

When: Today.

GG Certified: This cool shoulder bag is embellished with gold, a feature Cleopatra would love. An added bonus to this sleek bag is the fact that it is a vegan accessory. 

Cleopatra Cool Shoulder Bag.

Who: Danielle Scutt

What: Lipstick Studs

Where: TopShop 

When: Soon.

GG Certified: These funky earrings have a matte gold look. Pair them with a simple up-do hairstyle and show off your edgy accessories. 

Lipstick Studs by Danielle Scutt.



Who: MTV

What: “Daria,” The Complete Animated Series

Where: Amazon

When: A day when you can sit down and enjoy it all.

GG Certified: Who didn’t love the sarcastic and silly world of Daria? To know her, is to love her.

MTV Animated Series, Daria.

One Day…
Who: Versace

What: Spring/Summer 2011
Where: See more Versace looks here.

When: Anytime possible. 

GG Certified: Versace is turning up the heat more and more each season. These runway looks are beyond editorial and we’d like to see them in our everyday wardrobe.


Versace Men, Spring/Summer 2011.