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On May 17th, Bill Cosby did it again!

As the keynote speaker for the annual Rainbow/PUSH Coalition conference, Cosby delivered another masterful soliloquy aimed at the destruction of the current state of African-Americans. Invited by the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Cosby blasted young African-Americans, whom he believes betrayed the legacy of the civil rights victories of the ’50s and ’60s.

One of the highlights of the onslaught included a rant from Cosby, in which he said:
“There is a time, ladies and gentlemen, when we have to turn the mirror around. Your dirty laundry gets out of school at 2:30 every day. It’s cursing on the way home, on the bus, train, in the candy store. They are cursing and grabbing each other and going nowhere. The book bag is very, very thin because there’s nothing in it.  Don’t worry about the white man, he added. I could care less about what white people think about me … let them talk. What are they saying that is so different from what their grandfathers said and did to us? What is different is what we are doing to ourselves.” 

And for those who say Cosby is just an elitist who, “got his piece of the pie already” and doesn’t understand the plight of the Black poor, he reminds us that, “We’re going to turn that mirror around. It’s not just the poor — everybody’s guilty.”

Cosby continued his tirade, “Teach our children to speak English. There’s no such thing as “talking white.” When the teacher calls, show up at the school. When the idiot box starts spewing profane rap videos; turn it off. Refrain from cursing around the kids. Teach our boys that women should be cherished, not raped and demeaned. Tell them that education is a prize we won with blood and tears, not a dishonor. Stop making excuses for the agents and abettor’s of Black on Black crime.”



In response to Cosby’s most recent attack on young black America, Russell Simmons exclusively told GlobalGrind,

“I believe you need all kinds in the debate and struggle. For example, when I was still eating meat, I was criticized everyday by angry vegans and it helped to set me up for the shift. The truth however, is that a shift to vegetarianism came from a loving friend who didn’t judge.

It’s easy to preach to the choir, but that speech in front of those who are the targets would get a tough response, certainly not applause. Bill’s right and so are those sympathetic voices. Together they can be powerful catalysts for change. Thank you Bill. All love.” 

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