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Todays iGRIND is all about the music! First, we take a look at Dallas Austin’s new beat box, Beat Thang, a 3000 beat library machine that takes music making and technology to a whole ‘nother level, then we’re gonna play around with Google’s new doodle in honor of guitar giant Les Paul. After that, it’s off to play with another box, the Xbox 360, specifically, the first official wireless Xbox headphones. Lets do this like brutus, y’all!

What: Beat Thang

Made by: Dallas Austin & Rowdy Electronics

What It Does: Packs a ton of beats into a box-like device that looks it stepped out of Tron.

How Much: $1500.00

Availability: Get It At Best Buy. Launches officially in July.

You’ve already heard the capabilities of Beat Thang, the new music machine by Dallas Austin and Rowdy Electronics. That’s because Austin produced one of Lady Gaga’s songs using only this machine, which is programmed with a library of Austin’s own beats.

Beat Thang has 3,000 original, sample-free sounds, hundreds of original beats, loops and 65 digital effects, including waveform editing, mixing and mastering capabilities, a 3.5 inch full color LCD screen and a four-hour rechargeable battery.

It’s portability makes making music a snap, killing time and fees for studio rentals.


Dallas Austin in Atlanta at Best Buy with his Beat Thang!



What: Les Paul Google Doodle

Made by: Google

What It Does: Let’s you play the guitar online and makes your day a little sweeter in spite of your boss.

Availability: Now. Visit to play.

In honor of guitar giant Les Paul’s 96th birthday, Google treated everyone with an internet connection to their illest doodle yet, a playable guitar. It’s so simple, a fetus can rock out. It doesn’t support multiple octaves or sharp notes but, hey, it’s still great. After the break, see a video of the doodle in action. Someone made a Metallica cover of “One.” 


Cover of Metallica’s “One” using Google’s Les Paul Doodle.



What: Wireless Xbox 360 Headphones

Made by: Mad Catz

What It Does: Takes your internet gaming communication to a better level.

Availabitlity: This Fall, around Christmas.

Costs: $300.00

Mad Catz scored and exclusive deal with Microst; they’re to produce the only officially licensed headset for Xbox 360. 

Via Engadget

“Here’s the deal: these cans don’t need to be tethered to your controller for voice chat or plugged into a wall to charge. According to IGN, the new Mad Catz Warhead 7.1 will get everything it needs from a base station connected to your console. String USB and optical cables directly from the Xbox 360 to that tiny tower above, and you’ll reportedly get enough 5.8GHz bandwidth to deliver virtual Dolby surround sound to four pairs of headphones at once.”

Read more at IGN.


Mad Catz Xbox 360 Wireless Headphones

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