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“Gucci Gucci” white girl rapper Kreayshawn loves her some “Rich Whores.” 

The Oakland-native, who recently inked a deal with Columbia records, is back on her music sh*t with her new track “Rich Whores.” 

Kreayshawn wasn’t feeling the “basic bitches” who buy Gucci, Louis, and Prada, and now she’s rapping about “rich whores” who shop at the thrift store. 

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Kreayshawn playfully raps, “Rich whore, rich whore/ Standing at the thrift store/ Line it up, line it up/ Sniff more, sniff more.” 

Kreayshawn’s rap style is kind of a mashup between Waka Flocka, Lil B, and Souljah Boy, with a splash of white girl. All of which is an interesting combination.

Take a listen to Kreayshawn’s “Rich Whores” below!

Rich Whores by GlobalGrind