“Gucci Gucci” white girl rapper Kreayshawn loves her some “Rich Whores.”  The Oakland-native, who recently inked a deal with Columbia records, is back on her music sh*t with her new track “Rich Whores.”  Kreayshawn wasn’t feeling the “basic bitches” who buy Gucci, Louis, and Prada, and now she’s rapping about “rich whores” who shop at […]


On Tuesday morning, TMZ broke the story that Christina Aguilera was arrested with her boyfriend in West Hollywood. Turns out Xtina was busted for public intoxication and her boyfriend was arrested for driving under the influence. LAPD deputies determined Aguilera was ‘extremely intoxicated’ and because she was unable to care for herself, Aguilera was taken into […]


Shoutout to my whole Global Grind family this is @DiegoCash… I just wanted to give yall a taste of whats to comes from my newest mixtape Honorable Mention that I’m currently working on with DJ Don Cannon. This is a song called ‘Notoriety’ produced by Mark Henry. I went into the studio that day with […]


Although it wasn’t a good look that Chris Brown recently had to walk out of a radio interview, it is an even better look that he was tapped to sing the ‘National Anthem’ at the Floyd Mayweather versus Shane Mosley fight last night. This is actually a real good look for Breezy as this was […]

Last night was great! So exciting in front of Fenway Stadium with fireworks & the American flag behind me…Not to sound cheesy but I felt so proud to be an American at that point! I went out there with trust in the lord and concluded with a standing ovation. Keri Tweeted earlier that night:  There […]


Check out my Black History Anthem Feat. myself and Stong Arm Steady ‘Black History’

<p>This time, pro bowl national anthem is sung by Carrie Underwood. As usual, this year&acirc;&euro;&trade;s pro bowl has started with the National Anthem but the singer was&nbsp;</p>