The Daily Grind Video

Shoutout to my whole Global Grind family this is @DiegoCash… I just wanted to give yall a taste of whats to comes from my newest mixtape Honorable Mention that I’m currently working on with DJ Don Cannon. This is a song called ‘Notoriety’ produced by Mark Henry. I went into the studio that day with a vision and a concept for a melodic hook and when i heard the beat it fit perfectly.

Its somewhat of an anthem for anyone who has ever been overlooked, ‘you don’t know me in my hood i got status…’ Accompanied with a few witty punchlines, there’s one in the second verse I’m sure most of you will enjoy. (lol) We decided to shot the video in a popular warehouse park in downtown Atlanta to give it a gritty but polished look and we also shot a few scenes in and around my hometown, Stone Mountain. It was directed by @Pgoodie who took our vision and concept to the next level, i feel the visual perfectly embodies the feel and direction of the mixtape. I wanted to do all visual beats with hopes of being able to paint a vivid picture with this mixtape. I’m constructing it as if it were an album with a cinematic feel.


I wanted to go a different route than most people take when choosing there ‘mixtape songs’. I wanted it to have a more solid structure and almost seem to be building toward one pivotal climax, somewhat of a screenplay in the way that Jay-Z made ‘Streets is Watchin’ I wanted Honorable Mention to paint a picture. So me and Melo sat down one day and hashed out a plan to build a mixtapes that would stick to people hearts and stay embedded in their minds. We sat down and thought of a few friends we could reach out to and as of now the body of #HM consist of Cool & Dre, Fat Joe, Joell Ortiz, Rick Ross, Juicy J and we still have a few others lined up for the release… We will be launching all the videos and releasing the mixtape exclusively through Global Grind… I appreciate the listen and honest feedback



Notoriety by Diego Cash – Trailer from ROYAL SUITE MEDIA on Vimeo.