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If you like models, money, shopping, fashion and naked women, then you will LOVE Natalia Kills “Free” video. 

The UK singer teamed up with Black Eyed Peas hitmaker on her money-crazed materialistic inspired song. 

Natalia Kills rocked the best fashions in her “Free” video. With lyrics like “I wear it once, and then I pop the tag.The next day, I’ma bring it back,” Natalia hopes the dinero will set her “Free.”

VIDEO: Natalia Kills “Activate My Heart”

In a box filled with money, Natalia rolls around in her sexiest gear as she sings about her addiction to retail and her love of money. While not actually in the video, makes an appearance via a television screen, while Natalia prances around the boob tube.

Find out how liberated Natalia Kills is in her new “Free” video below!