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If you want to start some sh*t in music, then cross your fingers and hope for a G.O.O.D. music/Odd Future collaboration.

With Pusha T and Tyler, the Creator’s collaborative track “Trouble On My Mind,” hitting airwaves across the nation, it’s evident that an Odd Future/G.O.O.D. music collaboration means trouble for many “commercial” rappers. 

Deemed two of hip-hop’s hottest groups, Odd Future and G.O.O.D music together on one super track would cause complete havoc in the music game. 

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With the brilliance of Kanye West and the creativeness of Tyler, the Creator mixed with the witty dope lyrics of Pusha T, Hodgy Beats and Big Sean, added with a splash of R&B flavor from Frank Ocean and folk hooks from Bon Iver, and you’ve got trouble, trouble, trouble for basic rappers. 

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In an interview with MTV, Tyler, the Creator made it known that he is “coming for Kanye West’s head.” Citing that he’s a huge fan of Kanye West’s music, a collaboration between these two musical geniuses would be epic. 

Their admiration for each other isn’t only one-sided, Kanye proclaimed on Twitter that Tyler, the Creator’s “Yonkers” video was the “Video Of The 2011.” 

If anyone in the music industry knows music, it has to be these two frontmen. Kanye is not only the leader of twelve hot artists, ranging from rappers to singers from various genres, but he’s also a musical mastermind responsible for producing some of the hottest hip-pop records of the decade. 

While Tyler, the Creator’s resume may not be as detailed, his immature mayhem and childish antics are probably the key to his musical visions that leave many music critics baffled. Completely undecided as to whether or not to declare Tyler and his Odd Future homies musical geniuses, music critics often label Odd Future as school-aged misfits, hipster deviants and thoughtless “punks.” 

Not really understanding the thought process behind creating dope music, critics have thrust Odd Future into the category of musical fad. 

GlobalGrind is here to say otherwise. Kanye West is definitively hip-hop’s biggest douchebag and Tyler, the Creator is the industry’s biggest problem-child and those two together would probably ignite the flame that sparks a musical revolution. 

Despite their character traits, which we love, Kanye and Tyler are dope artists who understand the inception of music and the process behind sound unlike any other artists of our generation. 

GlobalGrind is all for a G.O.O.D. music/Odd Future collabo! 

Check out cool pics of Odd Future and G.O.O.D music on the next few pages!


Pusha T and Tyler, the Creator hang out while shooting their video “Trouble On My Mind.”


G.O.O.D. music together during a rap cypher for BET.


Odd Future during an interview with MTV.


Tyler, the Creator being destructive. 


Kanye & Jay-Z perform together on the G.O.O.D. music stage. 


Tyler, the Creator breaks his foot during a concert. 


G.O.O.D. music performs together on stage. 


Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. music homies. 

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