It's been a few months since Hodgy Beats blasted his frenemy Tyler, the Creator, and it seems like the two still haven't reconciled.

Tyler, the Creator rounds up his Odd Future homies Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt, and Hodgy Beats for his latest offering “Look.” Tyler kicks off the track yelling like he’s Meek Mill on a Jahlil Beats-banger, but quickly scales it back, joking: “It’s the f*cking… I came too hard on it, I came way too hard […]

We don’t know how they did it, but Maharishi managed to get Hodgy Beats of Odd Future to stay still for their latest catalog. This could explain why Hodgy is only modeling for one piece, but the Odd Future artist managed to sneak onto the company’s website without causing too much of a stir. PHOTOS: […]

Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis stomp with “Timbs!” Hodgy and Domo are more than just part of the Odd Future collective. They’re MellowHigh, not to be confused with MellowHype, which is the duo Hodgy Beats and Left Brain together.  PHOTOS: 10 Things You Can Learn About OFWGKTA’s Hodgy Beats By Only Reading His Twitter & […]

If you want to start some sh*t in music, then cross your fingers and hope for a G.O.O.D. music/Odd Future collaboration. With Pusha T and Tyler, the Creator’s collaborative track “Trouble On My Mind,” hitting airwaves across the nation, it’s evident that an Odd Future/G.O.O.D. music collaboration means trouble for many “commercial” rappers.  Deemed two […]


Odd Future’s Mellowhype released their new music video for “64.” This pleasantly spooky video is a cross between hip-hop and a freaky horror movie. The rap duo Mellowhype is just one of a few hip-hop groups that compose the super group of OFWGKTA most-widely known as Odd Future. Formed by Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, Mellowhype, […]

Every day there are tons of music related tidbits that float around the internet, but how is one to know what’s good, what’s worth listening to and what everyone will be talking about tomorrow? Well, you’re in luck, because GlobalGrind has rounded up some of the coolest, most buzz-worthy musical information of the day and […]

Hip-Hop powerhouse music group Odd Future aren’t known for being the sweetest kids on the block. It may be their lyrics about rape, serial killers and death, or maybe random tweets about “f*ck” this celeb or “f*ck” this celeb, that may be a hint that they say whatever the f*ck they want. PHOTOS: 10 Things […]

Tyler, the Creator isn’t the only member of Odd Future who is severely outspoken and says what he wants.  Hodgy Beats quite frankly doesn’t give a f*ck about worldly issues either. Some would say Hodgy Beats is second in command within the Odd Future hierarchy, that is if a real hierarchy even existed. But that’s only […]

You’re going to be seeing a fair amount of Texas native Amber Heard in 2011, so prepare yourself for the wave of sexiness to follow. We first got a glimpse of the blonde knockout in Pineapple Express and she’ll later star in the horror flick The Ward

Amber Rose, Amber Heard and now Amber Riley. Point blank we love women named Amber… Can you even blame us? Last night, Amber Riley, one of the most beautiful thick women, sang the national anthem at the 2010 MLB All-Star game and we began to realize that we have a fetish for women named Amber. […]