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Odd Future’s Mellowhype released their new music video for “64.” This pleasantly spooky video is a cross between hip-hop and a freaky horror movie.

The rap duo Mellowhype is just one of a few hip-hop groups that compose the super group of OFWGKTA most-widely known as Odd Future. Formed by Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, Mellowhype, is one of the stand out groups within Odd Future.  

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Mellowhype’s dark themed music video accurately captures the hard lyrics, beats and melody of the song. Werewolves, snakes and coffins add to the ominous feel of “64.”

Odd Future debuted back in 2008 and consists of more than 60 members. The Super 3’s, Matt Martians and Hal Williams and EarlWolf’s Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, the Creator came together to be a part of Odd Future. All of these artists have the same alternative hip-hop feel to their music. 

Check out Mellowhype’s “64” below!