The Daily Grind Video

Ke$ha seeks “Revenge” on her new demo track. The party gods have answered every party girl’s prayer with Ke$ha’s latest glittery party track. Take a listen. [Idolator]

Is it Friday?! Nope, but that isn’t stopping “Friday” singing YouTube sensation Rebecca Black from dropping another song. Now don’t go ape sh*t quite yet, Rebecca isn’t releasing her new song “My Moment” until Monday, yes, Monday. Obviously, Friday isn’t good enough for her anymore. [PopCrush]

If you’re feeling a little explicit this morning, then Plies is the perfect rapper to listen to. Check out Plies’ new video “Ride D*ck So Good.” Trust us, it’s a lot for a morning kick start, but it may start your day off right. [RapRadar]

Demi Lovato gives her fans a snippet of her new video “Skyscraper.” The newly sober Disney star is back in the spotlight with her new single. Check out her light and airy video teaser. [Idolator]