From Usher to Lil Pump, these tracks might've ruined your ears.

World, meet Alison Gold. She’s basically the new Rebecca Black and she’s here to take the title for best-worst music video ever.  Gold’s 15 minutes of fame came after a video produced by Patrice Wilson, the same evil genius responsible for “Friday,” surfaced on YouTube. Just as soon as “Chinese Food” hit the internets, it skyrocketed […]


She’s baaaacck!  Yup! The singer behind the viral sensation / dot com diatribe “Friday,” Rebecca Black is back on the scene with all new music.  VIDEO: Rebecca Black “Person Of Interest”  But lucky for us, the teen’s newest installment “Sing It,” is a far cry from the Auto-Tune ridden ‘debut’ of the internet star, and […]

Now, this sh*t is weird.  VIDEO: Who The F*ck Wants War? Kreayshawn Disses Rick Ross Kreayshawn twitpic’ed this photo of her and YouTube sensation Rebecca Black hanging out.  Rebecca’s most notably known for her YouTube smash “Friday,” and for some reason she was hanging out with the Swisher-rolling blunt blowing “Gucci Gucci” rapper from Oakland.  […]

Everyone’s favorite Youtube sensation Rebecca Black is back with the director’s cut video for “Friday.” Though a legal dispute recently caused the original video from Youtube, Black makes sure that everyone can still celebrate “Friday, Friday, Friday,” today, which is ironically Friday.  Whether hated or loved, this catchy tune doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. […]