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Some people have the brains, the know-how, the materials and lots of time on their hands and (in Kanye voice) don’t do nothin’! Not these folks, though!

We have a guy who made his own iPad, a guy who made his own Batmobile and some products from Sony and Jawbone. Enjoy!

What: Sony Waterproof Walkman

Made By: Sony

Available: Next week.

Price: 2 gig versions (NWZ-W262 is $60; 4 gig version (NWZ-W263) is $80.00.

GG Certified: Eight hours of battery life, a quick charging technology giving you an hour’s charge in three minutes, drag and drop tracks from Windows Media Player and iTunes for Windows, are some of the reasons why we love this new Walkman from Sony. It’ll go on sale next month which is not soon enough!


Waterproof Sony Walkman. Image via


What: Homemade iPad

Made by: Liu Xinying

GG Certified: We love this dude because he saw materials mixed with opportunity and ran with it. Not only that, he also made an iPad thats cheaper and cooler than what Apple’s selling us. Liu’s iPad uses a Windows OS but that’s OK. We’ll let that slide. See part two of the video after the break! 


Liu Xinying’s Homemade iPad.


What: Up

Made by: Jawbone

What It Does: Tracks your eating, moving and sleeping habits.

Available: Sometime this fall.

GG Certified: Anything that tells you about yourself is a good thing and Jawbone’s wristband monitor is a good thing. In the long run, you can eventually collect enough data to monitor your health. Fashionwise, it just looks good.


What: Turbine Powered Batmobile

Made by: Casey Putsch

GG: Certified. Batman. ‘Nough said. Details in the video after the break.


Turbine engined Batmobile by Casey Putsch.