Some people have the brains, the know-how, the materials and lots of time on their hands and (in Kanye voice) don’t do nothin’! Not these folks, though! We have a guy who made his own iPad, a guy who made his own Batmobile and some products from Sony and Jawbone. Enjoy! What: Sony Waterproof […]


Sometimes it seems there is no end in sight for the Gulf of Mexico, everyday we see more and more wildlife suffering do to the massive oil contamination in the gulf. This is a huge catastrophe on epic proportions. We’ve seen the heart-wrenching photos of oil-covered animals along the Gulf Coast shoreline and the photos […]


So people have been saying that President Obama needs to how more anger as the Gulf Coast is covered in crude oil, they say he isn’t showing enough vigor, they want to see some emotion from the Prez, well they will get their wish, in an interview with Matt Lauer the President is ready to […]


This hannity shit is off the fuckin chain. Let’s think for a second, 1st off, I’m not even registered to vote, 2nd, this hannity guy was blocking the door to my bus just to get that drop from me, he was standin so close to my bus that when I opned the door I hit […]


<p>A couple weeks ago I had posted a blog about the symbolism in Jay-Z’s on to the next one video. That particular post got over 10,000 hits, lots of emails, and comments… and I’m hoping it is what instigated Jay-Z to take a stand and address the devilish speculations. Well, he went on to The […]

After the outburst that caused Kanye to apologize twice to country singer Taylor Swift, othercelebrities stepped up to voice their opinions on the rapper’s actions. Here are a few… Russell Simmons: ‘Kanye’s a genius artist!  He always says something crazy, thought-provoking and fun.  I love him still.  Look at George Bush, we’re not sure if […]

After a photo of Solange’s new hairstyle hit the net, everyone had something to say. Well, she wasn’t about to sit around and twiddle her thumbs while the world got at her. Solange took to Twitter and let her followers know just how she felt. Check out her feed below…   seriously? lame. Listen. if. […]

Russell just got off the phone with Amber Rose, to see how she is handling the media attention about the rumor of her kissing Chris Brown over the weekend at Diddy’s white party.   Uncle Rush was happy to hear that she wasn’t disturbed at all by all of the fact she’s laughing them […]

So, when I was looking at the ‘Top Stories’ on the site about Mariah Carey being pregnant, it got me wondering if she was really with child or not–especially since having babies has been the in-thing for the past couple of years.  Before begging Uncle Russ to spring for a bottle of vegan champagne (i […]