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Russell just got off the phone with Amber Rose, to see how she is handling the media attention about the rumor of her kissing Chris Brown over the weekend at Diddy’s white party.   Uncle Rush was happy to hear that she wasn’t disturbed at all by all of the fact she’s laughing them off.   ‘I’ve seen many artists become famous and let the media drive them crazy. In fact it takes years to live their life without allowing the media to affect their happiness.  It is especially inspiring to see someone who just became public to be so mature on the way she is handling things.  A lot of young stars can take a lesson from her.’  Russell said.  Amber responded to Russell’s call by telling him, ‘I know Chris, cause I did the Ludacris and Chris Brown video.  However, there is nothing romantic between the two of us, whatsoever, and I was definitely not kissing him.  This is total fabrication by the media, but I don’t let that kind of stuff bother me…I just laugh it off.’