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The final season of Entourage starts on Sunday and what better way to celebrate the series than to showcase the hottest women that have appeared on the show throughout its epic run?

Vinny, E and even Turtle have had their fair share of love (and hate) from some super attractive women since moving from the Big Apple to sunny L.A.

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Because it’s easy to forget just how impressive the roster of beautiful women that have appeared on the show really is, we’re giving you a photo gallery of the hottest women of Entourage.

Above is none other than the woman of every guy’s dreams herself. Emmanuel Chriqui a.k.a. Sloan McQuewick is Eric’s fiancee and the perfect girlfriend. The Montreal-native beauty of Moroccan descent is truly a knockout.

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Sasha Grey is by far one of the sexiest women on the planet, adult movies to HBO is not a bad leap! 


Melyssa Ford played one of the flight attendants on Kanye West‘s plane at the end of season 4. The “Big Pimpin'” model/actress left audiences sky high.


Gossip Girl Leighton Meester played pop star singer Justine Chapin, a virgin with a crush on Vince. Her blend of great looks and acting talent are rare.


Drop dead gorgeous actress Carla Gugino of Sucker Punch and Californication played Amanda Daniels, rival agent of Ari Gold and Vince’s love interest and agent at one time.


Holly Valance, the Australian model/actress/singer was a Perfect 10 model that helped Eric get over his cheating ex-girlfriend not once, but also a second time the next morning…


Jamie Lynn-Sigler played the role of Jamie Lynn Sigler on the show, but her acting talents from The Sopranos shined through. She hooked up with Turtle onscreen and developed a romance with him off it as well.


Perrey Reeves is the quintessential MILF and a great actress. She plays Ari Gold’s wifey and is the kind of strong and supportive woman every guy hopes to end up with.

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