The final season of Entourage starts on Sunday and what better way to celebrate the series than to showcase the hottest women that have appeared on the show throughout its epic run? Vinny, E and even Turtle have had their fair share of love (and hate) from some super attractive women since moving from the […]


I AM ADRIENNE BAILON.  YESTERDAY WAS WORLD AIDS DAY. HIV/AIDS IS THE #1 KILLER OF AFRICAN AMERICAN AND LATINA WOMEN IN MY AGE GROUP.  PLEASE GET TESTED, YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. Ask yourself if risking your life is really worth not protecting yourself.  There are no excuses.  This disease is real and people are […]


Hey Global Grind!!! Ok, so like most people, I kind of stared at the TV a lil weird when it said that Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. My first thought was yeaah for President Obama because I rock with this guy and sleep a little better at night knowing that he is the […]


Most of us as kids had dreams of what we wanted to be when ‘we grow up.’ Mine was a veterinarian. It is all I ever thought about. It was my passion. Animals and the ocean always fascinated me. Then life happens, takes its turns and things don’t always go as we planned as kids. […]

Global Grind!! My website has launched. I’m so happy. Its still new and just starting but I think its a cool way for people to keep up with me, my family, my friends, and what I’m up too. Ill update it as often as I can. Check it out Thanks for all the support. […]

Sheree Whitfield of Real Housewives of Atlanta has built her television career on  the phrase “I just want my seven figure settlement”. But did she ever get it?? Well details of her divorce settlement have now emerged: In the settlement Sheree gets custody of the couples two children, along with $2, 142 a month for […]


Before you read this post please know that I love music but i will always be honest with you about my opinions when i dare post them. so here we gooooo Free’s first concert review!! Last night I had the pleasure along with 200 special Power 105.1 listeners to witness the magic of Maxwell live… […]

After counseling a dear friend about how to cope with the unbearably meddling mother of her husband’s 8 year old daughter, and receiving numerous advice letters from sisters who were hurt , broken, confused and therefore misdirecting their anger, I felt the need to address the women of the world about how we treat one […]