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Before you read this post please know that I love music but i will always be honest with you about my opinions when i dare post them. so here we gooooo

Free’s first concert review!!

Last night I had the pleasure along with 200 special Power 105.1 listeners to witness the magic of Maxwell live… Let me set this up for you.

The Venue ; sexy, private. and the sound, the sound in the P.C Richard & Son Theatre is just amazing. How lucky are we at Power 1051 (Clear Channel) that they built this just for us!! Acoustically this is where an artist, (a real artist) wants to perform with an intimate crowd. The lighting is theatrical, the stage is a good size and there are no blocked views.

The Crowd: Was on-time, grown & sexy. Every person I met last night was happy to be there and ecstatic about watching Maxwell perform. Little did we know that we were walking into ‘Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite’ the ‘Black Summers Night’ version lol wooo was it intimate! (I’ll explain that intimacy in a minute) ooh

Maxwell: Ok let me start here..this dude is so humble when you meet him and this humbleness somehow comes through on stage. He’s been gone for 8 years but it doesn’t seem like it..

He hit the stage with a 12 peice band including horn players who doubled as backup singers. The stage was set to explode, DJ Self ‘The Prince of New York’ set it off. Then out go the lights, the band starts rockin and heeeeerrreee he comessss. He walks to the Microphone like its his best friend, and as if he misses her terribly. He’s comfortable, smiling, embracing and he’s ready to rock for NY. This Brooklyn Boy has given our generation serious love making music and last night he made the mistake of opening his mouth and singing his first note.

Ladies it was over from there, he proceeded to take us on the Maxwell ride new songs from ‘Black Summers Night’ (in stores now) to old songs, back to new songs and back to old ones again. He was soooo playful on stage, as if he was in his own private playground, at times cracking himself up. At times very dramatic with his movements..a few James Brownish falls to his knees had a few of us plotting to shut the poweroff and kidnap the dude! (shout to Baby Sam & Cherry) At the end of each song he clapped too, happy to have made us happy.

awww how cute is he? …or we? hahaha lol i kid i kid..or do i? ok ok back to the show

He let all the shower singers in us shine with him on ‘This Womans Work’. which he dedicated to MJ(yes he hit every high note with us)

Had us grooving to ‘Something Something’ reminiscing on what we were doing the summer this infectious song dropped.

Made us all believe we could work it all out this ‘Lifetime’ we can can’t we?

Sold us ‘Pretty Wings’ like we were all Victoria Secret Models I tell ya. i still have my Pretty Wings on

Even when he was done and scheduled to be out of the building the crowd begged for more and boy did he give it to us.. ‘Fortunate’..ahem along with a lot of info that made it clear just how fortunate you would be to be with him.. How he wants to make his woman happy, keep her happy, and thats all there is to it! My favorite part of the night? was Maxwells promise to be so good to his woman that he wishes he could fall asleep ev

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