When a movie is just kooky enough to based a story line on 3 chance encounters in New York City, then you know you have one of two choices: Believe or not. But we have come to believe that pretty When a movie is just kooky enough to base a story line on 3 chance […]

Rapper Khia, most famously known for the ‘My Neck, My Back’ ghetto anthem that played in all the clubs in the hood years ago, has reviewed ‘Pink friday.’ Her verdict? ‘It’s WORSER,’ according to Khia, than the gaseous mix in her intestines. Khia, who joins Lil Kim in rebuking the Young Money star, says she […]

  Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls is Oscar Worthy!   by Elaine Carter           Today is the premiere of Tyler Perry’s, For Colored Girls.  I caught the first matinee showing of the movie in a suburb of Chicago. With it being a weekday, I was thinking that there would be a […]


Danny Simmons, brother of Russell Simmons, has a show in Brooklyn and also recently put on a photography show at the Tablarasa Gallery. The show runs through Saturday, December 4th, entitled Wheels Within Wheel. Check out WAGMAG’s review of the show: ‘The former show features the paintings of Danny Simmons, co-producer of Def Poetry Jam […]

Paranormal Activity 2 released tonight at midnight and if you’ve seen the first one you’ll notice that all of this creepty activity happens or starts up while you’re sleeping. You get a strange feeling if you lean back and just think about all the possible things that are happening while you sleep. You’re essentially a […]

Acting is definitely not the issue with the terrifically acted ‘Conviction.’  And neither is this unbelievable true life story. In fact, any novel can only hope to have all the twists and turns of this real life story. The person who seems most unreal in this story is its remarkable protagonist, the very real Betty […]

You know…the funny thing about It’s Kind of a Funny Story is that is not very funny at all… The operational word here is kind.  Humour is limited to what one could find funny about life in a mental ward – and there is no middle ground on this territory.  Either you go the way […]

There are two ways to see this ‘constructed’ documentary: Its either a kick-ass documentary about the very sad-all-systems breakdown of the once-brilliant actor Joaquin Phoenix or its a total hoax from a dude who went so far into extreme method acting (hence known as the new phoenician method…) that he kind of lost himself in […]

After releasing two critically acclaimed mixtapes as an undergraduate student at Duke University, Mike Posner faced the daunting task of delivering a debut album of equal or better quality. He did exactly that on his debut album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff. Only this time he has developed a new style and sound you might have […]

I want to make it clear that I have the utmost respect for Bun B as a rapper and as a role model in general for conducting himself with a certain self-respect that many egotistical rappers fail to do these days. His open mind to new artists, the way he continues to make great music […]

What do Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page have in common? They all began their acting careers early and were declared stars by the time they were even allowed to attend their high-school proms. These three have been in everything from blockbuster mega-movies to cult classics and even television. Each of the actors have […]

Jonah Hex by Cali Tamayo 2 Scars! Josh Brolin is one hot Hollywood taMALE. On top of that, he is a damn good actor.  In addition, he is the son of the even hotter James Brolin — and the step-son of fab Babs — and wait, it only gets better, he is married to ultra-hot-mamma-who-can-act, Diane Lane. […]