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Paranormal Activity 2 released tonight at midnight and if you’ve seen the first one you’ll notice that all of this creepty activity happens or starts up while you’re sleeping. You get a strange feeling if you lean back and just think about all the possible things that are happening while you sleep.

You’re essentially a blind deaf mute. Anything could be happening. One of our GlobalGrind staffers could be watching you while you sleep, maybe even eating your Doritos (we love them here.)

GlobalGrind staff thought they would take time away from listing gifts for Kim Kardhasian’s birthday and make a list of things that happen WHILE YOU’RE SLEEPING (Insert Evil Laughter.)

Underwear Gnomes Raid Your Drawers

It’s true, they really do exist. Don’t you watch South Park?

You Confess Your Love for Justin Bieber

Admit it, you have Bieber Fever. It’s okay, you’re one of millions – and though you probably wouldn’t admit to being a fan of the shaggy-haired canadian teen heartthrob while awake, while sleeping you can’t control it!

You Get Defaced

Sucks to be this guy!

Bed Bugs Bite You

Yes, they actually do exist – they’ve infested New York![pagebreak]
Robert Frank Is Making Money

He is the richest man in the world, after all.

 Global Grind Staffers Are Working

This is why Global Grind is the best website out – Interns work 55 hours a week only for Vegan Birthday Cake.

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