Fabolous and Amar’e Stoudemire celebrated their respective birthdays yesterday with a star studded event at Catch Roof in NYC.  PHOTOS: Angela Simmons And Others Experience Black Excellence With Fab & Amare Hip-pop favorites like Angela Simmons, Rocsi, Trey Songz and others were on hand to celebrate two of New York’s finest.  EXCLUSIVE: Angela Simmons Diary: […]


What I cant live without: It took me a while to figure this out. But I can’t live without PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.. Ok. So like most women, my body goes through phases. But the truth is, I go through phases which affect my body. When I was unhappy, I would eat and not work out… not […]

Paranormal Activity 2 released tonight at midnight and if you’ve seen the first one you’ll notice that all of this creepty activity happens or starts up while you’re sleeping. You get a strange feeling if you lean back and just think about all the possible things that are happening while you sleep. You’re essentially a […]

The trailers for Paranormal Activity 2 have creeped me out more than most entire horror movies have been able to. And as someone who lives for horror movies, that’s saying something. The latest trailer…where do I even begin? Let’s discuss the creepiest moments that I observed, shall we?

The official movie trailer for Paranormal Activity 2was recently released, and some Texas theaters are pulling it because apparently, it’s just that terrifying. Supposedly, a few Texan Twilight fans saw a preview for the horror sequel while they were waiting for a midnight premiere of Eclipse, and were creeped out enough by the trailer to […]

After being scared out of his wits at the premiere of Paranormal Activity in New York, DJ Whoo Kiddecided to take on director Oren Peli to find out more about the movie. In this RadioPlanet.tvexclusive, Peli speaks on how a $15,000 film into a multi-million dollar phenomenon, and what it was like behind the scenes with stars Katie and Micah (their real names!). Have you […]