Cardi B, Tiffany Haddish and Floyd Mayweather were just a few of the celebrities in attendance for The Jason Lee Experience. Click inside to see photos from the event!

Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked spills the tea on celebrity blog culture, his relationship with rapper Cardi B, and the true meaning of “gossip” on this episode of Small Doses with Amanda Seales. “Do I gossip though? I don’t think I gossip. Is that denial? If I tell the truth, how is that gossip?” Lee […]

Today, you might recognize Jason Lee from the hit TV series My Name is Earl, but long before that, he was a professional skateboarder. Back in 1992, he teamed up with fellow skater Chris Pastras to start Stereo Skateboards, before taking an eight-year hiatus to focus on his acting endeavors. In 2003, the duo picked up their decks […]

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon revealed their twin’s names via Twitter yesterday and they stunned the world with their selection of forenames for their baby girl and boy. Monroe Cannon and Moroccan Scott Cannon are interestingly different names, but Mariah and Nick’s baby name selection is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes […]

HOLLYWOOD GRIND: Bradley Cooper & Robert DeNiro of Limitless

Celebrity addiction is nothing new, but over the decades everyone has seen celebs spiral out of control while battling their addiction to alcohol, hard-core narcotics, prescription drugs, and even Celebrity addiction is nothing new, but over the decades we have seen celebs spiral out of control while battling their addiction to alcohol, hard-core narcotics, prescription […]

DPS Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb. (via DFP) The Michigan Department of Education gave Detroit Public Schools deadlines this month for moving forward with a deficit-elimination plan. The plan calls for closing 70 schools by 2013, increasing high school class sizes to more than 60 students, and outsourcing and consolidating services with the city and […]

Paranormal Activity 2 released tonight at midnight and if you’ve seen the first one you’ll notice that all of this creepty activity happens or starts up while you’re sleeping. You get a strange feeling if you lean back and just think about all the possible things that are happening while you sleep. You’re essentially a […]

Edward Norton will be starring in the movie ‘Stone’ opening today.  Mila Jovovich, Robert De Niro will deliver powerful performances that live up to their reputation and to no surprise, Edward Norton will be playing a morally conflicted man (Stone) who is serving sentence in prison for the murder of his grandparents.  The plot thickens […]


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for UFO enthusiasts. First Colonel Charles Halt and other retired US air force officers came forward with an alleged UFO conspiracy. Halt spoke at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington and claimed UFOs monitored and tampered with nuclear weapon sites. He urged the government […]

Okay, so let’s be real. When it comes down to it, everybody lies. Whether it’s a big life altering fib or a little white lie, we’ve all been guilty of it at some point. Celebrities are no exception to the rule. We catch you in your lies, too! Ha. The lies stars come up with […]

On Monday October 4th, 2010 Robert G. Edwards was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery and ongoing contributions to the infertility treatment known as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Therapy. Also widely becoming known as the father of the ‘test tube baby.’ Italy’s official news agency ANSA reports the Bishop Ignacio Carrasco de Paula, President […]