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It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for UFO enthusiasts. First Colonel Charles Halt and other retired US air force officers came forward with an alleged UFO conspiracy.

Halt spoke at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington and claimed UFOs monitored and tampered with nuclear weapon sites. He urged the government to make any documents on the subject available to the public eye.

Author of ‘UFOs and Nukes,’ Robert Hastings, told AOL News, ‘The documents that have been declassified through the Freedom of Information Act and the witness testimony from over 120 former or retired military people who I’ve interviewed conclusively proves that UFOs are interested in our nuclear weapons, and have not only monitored them decade after decade but have, on occasion, tampered with them, have temporarily activated missiles and have shut down missiles on a number of other occasions — some pretty dramatic stuff.

The press conference, Hastings in attendance, was held to bring the reality of UFOs into worldwide attention. It nabbed some attention and managed to stir up some of the fanatics on the worldwide web.

A UFO spotting this week that caused a major airport to shutdown of an airport in Baotau for fear of aircraft running it helped to grab the attention of even more people.

Three flights from Beijing and Shanghai were re-directed to guarantee the safety of the planes. This is the 3rd airport that has been shut down because of UFO traffic and the 8th sighting since June. The objects allegedly showed up on radar.

The siting actually took place on September 11th, but they are only releasing information on it now for obvious reasons.

Government and the public have posed conflicting ideas for the objects: illuminated kites or military exercises.

With all the new light being shined on UFOs lets take a look at some well-known UFO encounters from the past.
Betty and Barney Hill Abduction – 1960
This is the first highly publicized abuction story. Betty and Barney Hill spotted an object in the sky and they decided to follow the object.

Eventually, the object approached their car and hovered 100 feet above them. Barney exited the vehicle to get a better look and state that he could make out humanoid figures in the windows of the craft.

The couple does not remember much after that but they said they woke up hours later and had no clue what had transpired. Only through hypnosis did the couple recall what had happened to them in the missing hours.

The couple recalled their abduction onto the spacecraft where minor tests and examinations were performed upon them.

The couple was portrayed James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons in the 1975 television movie The UFO Incident.


Tehran UFO Incident – 1976

A UFO was spotted over the capital city of Iran, Tehran, in the early morning hours. The object showed up on radar and two F-4 Phantom jet interceptors were sent out to investigate.

All aircraft that came in proximity of the object reported electromagnetic interference and both jets lost instrumentation and communication. All functionali

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