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Edward Norton will be starring in the movie ‘Stone’ opening today. 

Mila Jovovich, Robert De Niro will deliver powerful performances that live up to their reputation and to no surprise, Edward Norton will be playing a morally conflicted man (Stone) who is serving sentence in prison for the murder of his grandparents. 

The plot thickens as Stone becomes eligible for early release and he comes face to face with Robert De Niro (Jack Mabry) the parole officer who is also grappling with a dark story of his own.


We’ve rounded up a list of 5 infectious Edward Norton flicks, check it out!


25th Hour

Edward Norton paints one day in the life of a man who is being sent off to prison.

Directed by Spike Lee presents complex turn of events turn of events over a 24 hour period during which many possibilities of the truth occur.


Primal Fear

Edward Norton has the psychological ability and acting talent to be not one, but two magnetic characters in one movie. 

Playing an altar boy who’s been abused by both his father and archbishop, Edward Norton (Aaron Stampler) develops his two psychopathic characters in such a way that makes the jury and the audience baffled about a murder he is accused of.


Keeping the Faith

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