Oddly, there are people on the internet who desire to eat Tide Pods, despite the company warning that the miniature balls of detergent are highly toxic and should not be ingested.  It’s turned into such a phenomenon that someone has gone as far as to come up with a recipe for edible pods. The recipe […]

Few things are harder than swimming against a rising tide, but a support system to help steer you though can make all the difference.  And who better to tap than mogul, philanthropist, hip-hop pioneer, and above all father, Russell Simmons, to guide young people on a mission to greatness?  Rising Tide exists as a resource […]

Gear Of The Day takes you on an adventure today, offering a variety of different things from the cool, to the hip, to the eco-friendly. See what’s in store below and through the next couple pages. Jessica Simpson And Lily Allen Put The Music In Fashion — GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY (PHOTOS) Kicks Who: […]

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Edward Norton will be starring in the movie ‘Stone’ opening today.  Mila Jovovich, Robert De Niro will deliver powerful performances that live up to their reputation and to no surprise, Edward Norton will be playing a morally conflicted man (Stone) who is serving sentence in prison for the murder of his grandparents.  The plot thickens […]


Continuing with our “History Of Hip Hop” mixtape postings from the good dj trio The Rub, here is our next installment which is the excellent year of 1997. The Beatnuts were heavy on the scene in ‘97 and so was Mobb Deep, Biggie Smalls, Gangstarr, Common, Wu-Tang Clan, EPMD, Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz and […]


Have you ever wondered what if Abraham Lincoln had a Facebook? Or what would Ben Franklin’s status updates look like? Well now is your chance to check it out. The Facebook wall of historical of events has been floating around the web world for a couple of weeks now and is giving us all a […]


Spain and Netherlands will finally get their chance to play in the World Cup finals today.  Netherlands has an unbelievable winning record so far and Spain will be a rightfully dignified adversary in the final showdown.  For the first time, one of these teams will walk away with the World Cup trophy.  However, there is […]

Today, April 19, 2010, we lost hiphop pioneer, Keith Elam AKA Guru. Guru lost his long bout with cancer at the young age of 43. Guru was half of the popular 80’s group Gangstarr, with former partner DJ Premier. Together, the group released six albums, including Step In the Arena, Moment of Truth, and Mass […]


EPIC FAIL by a North Georgia High School teacher who allowed four students to don mock Ku Klux Klan outfits for a final project. What possible school film project could there be that students would have to dress up like Klansmen? Catherine Ariemma is the teacher under fire who thought it was covering an important […]


Over 7 decades ago, in 1935 Paul Sperry invented a shoe for the man who loved the thrill of sailing on the open water and named them Sperry Top-Siders. With a white rubber sole for stability and to help avoid scratching the deck of a boat. Paired with a leather upper and leather shoe strings, […]


It seems that the Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, is declaring April, ‘Confederate History Month‘. This might be a bad move; McDonnell’s rational for this is that the confederacy is a defining chapter in Virginia’s history and it should be studied, understood and remembered by all Virginians. The Confederacy was made up of eleven southern […]