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Gear Of The Day takes you on an adventure today, offering a variety of different things from the cool, to the hip, to the eco-friendly. See what’s in store below and through the next couple pages.

Jessica Simpson And Lily Allen Put The Music In Fashion — GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY (PHOTOS)


Who: Miss Selfridge

What: Black Weave Lace Up Wedge

Where: Exclusively at Miss Selfridge

When: Right this very minute.

GG Certified: Miss Selfridge is a big name overseas. They have some of the hottest things we’ve seen coming out of Europe. This pair of wedges is perfect for a picnic or a night out. Wear them anywhere.


Black Weave Lace Up Wedge.


Mixed Bag

Who: TopShop

What: Tan Clean Shoulder Bag

Where: TopShop

When: Today

GG Certified: This bag is rugged and chic all at the same time. It’s front flap and edgy, tiny hanging pocket are easy on the eye. It’s a must.


Tan Clean Shoulder Bag.



Who: Free People

What: Lace Turban

Where: Free People

When: This summer

GG Certified: Turbans are definitely back in full effect. Take the trend and put a spin on it with this half-turban, lace piece.


Lace Turban.



Who: The ’50s

What: Advertisements

Where: You can find a bunch by searching Google.

When: Anytime

GG Certified: In the ’50s, advertisements made everything look like it could make you happy. Drawings and photos were creative and colorful. These can be displayed as art now, they have such good graphic quality. 


1950s Advertisements, Laundry Detergent – Tide, Downy, Bounce.


One Day…

Who: Jose Genovés

What: Natura Ecotoile

Where: We’re waiting to find out

When: A.S.A.P.

GG Certified: “The Natura Toilet boasts the ability to deal with three different types of relief and the consequent reduction of water consumption by about 60 percent.” It features a pulldown urinal for men; and when women flush, the tissue goes into a separate chamber. Overall, the toilet uses much less water than a traditional toilet.



Natura Ecotoilet transitions from toilet to urinal.