Gear Of The Day takes you on an adventure today, offering a variety of different things from the cool, to the hip, to the eco-friendly. See what’s in store below and through the next couple pages. Jessica Simpson And Lily Allen Put The Music In Fashion — GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY (PHOTOS) Kicks Who: […]

<p>J. Cole goes IN on Diddy’s <em>Angels</em> beat. I don’t know about the rest of ya, but I’m counting on J. Cole to give me the rap album I’m lookin for. Minus all the emotional fodder and the antics, gimmicks and tricks. J. Cole’s lyrical ability can’t be matched by any other rookies in the […]

Hey Ladies, this one’s for you! Jeremih teams up with Luda on this new track ‘I Like’ and in two short words… I LIKE!! It’s a very sexy type slow jam, and I’m totally diggin it. It’s definitely a summer slow jam for the ladies…

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>While I wasn&rsquo;t totally feelin&rsquo; this song when it first dropped, I&rsquo;m acquiring a taste for it. But then again, Kelis herself is an acquired taste. David Guetta produced this new dance-inspired joint for Kelis, from her forthcoming album Flesh Tone. I&rsquo;m particularly interested to hear the work she&rsquo;s done with Will.I.Am, both have creatively […]

<p>I guess it&rsquo;s pretty bad when your videos are more entertaining than the song itself, huh? And not by much. I guess there&rsquo;s not much else he could&rsquo;ve done short of a performance video for this song. Once again, Usher shows off his aging dance skills with a bunch of scantily clad beauties&hellip; I, for […]

Usher’s back with a brand new album, ‘Raymond v. Raymond‘ which hits stores TODAY. Check out the full review after the jump of the album that features the singles ‘Daddy’s Home (Hey Daddy)’, ‘Lil Freak’ featuring Nicki Minaj, and the controversial ‘Papers’. This marks Usher’s sixth studio album, the followup to 2008’s Here I Stand. […]

After a hiatus that was much longer than any of us expected, soul singer Erykah Badu returns to music with her new album ‘New Amerykah 2: Return of the Ankh’, her 5th studio album that includes her stirring and thought-provoking new single ‘Window Seat’. ‘Return of the Ankh’ is the follow-up to Badu’s last album, […]

<p>So the question&rsquo;s been asked &ndash; WHERE ARE YOU CICI? Here&rsquo;s your answer: Today, she&rsquo;s &lsquo;ridin&rsquo; the beat&rsquo; on the set of her video for <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><em>Ride It</em></span>, her new single featuring Ludacris! Sound-Savvy brings you some exclusive footage from behind the scenes of the video shoot. <a href="">Click here to watch…</a></p><p>&nbsp;</p>

<p>Hints were dropped on Twitter that the final version of this song would have a special surprise on it, honestly I was thinking Eminem. And just so you know, there has been HEAVY talk of an Eminem collab on B.O.B.&rsquo;s debut album. Nonetheless, I&rsquo;m just as excited to see that the homie T.I. is fresh […]

Puppy love kicks into high gear with the release of My World 2.0, the second half of rising pop star Justin Bieber’s debut album. All things in perspective, this album is very good though the content here is slightly deeper than on his previous release, but only slightly. Expect more poppy love songs seasoned with […]

Best known for big R&B hits like Angel of Mine, For You I Will, and Just One Of Dem Days, Monica returns to form with her sixth album Still Standing. Collectively, this project is ballad-heavy, bursting at the seams with soulful big notes and a more mature sound that leans on the same production elements […]

<p>112 Member Daron Jones talks candidly with Mack of Sound-Savvy regarding his new single ‘Money’, his forthcoming album "Uncensored", and his full service production company/music label "DPS". He also discloses some MAJOR information on the rumored 112 reunion!! <em></em> You can stay tuned to Sound-Savvy for all the latest on Daron&rsquo;s solo album and for […]