It’s Friday, so you want to make sure that you have your freshest gear on to get you through the day and, of course, the night. We’ve got cork done right, bags that are more like boxes, sharp rings and floating things. Try on all of today’s Gear of the Day picks and make sure […]

Today’s Gear Of The Day keeps it trendy for the ladies and the gents. We start it off with the marvelous pair of Supra Kicks that you see above and end it with a well-lit bang. See our Kicks, Mixed Bag, Hardware, Throwback and One Day Wish here and now. Nifty Fifties And Lace Turbans […]

Gear Of The Day takes you on an adventure today, offering a variety of different things from the cool, to the hip, to the eco-friendly. See what’s in store below and through the next couple pages. Jessica Simpson And Lily Allen Put The Music In Fashion — GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY (PHOTOS) Kicks Who: […]

Jessica Simpson and Lily Allen both started their careers as popstars and have evolved into much more. These ladies have taken their skills from music to fashion and made such great names for themselves; Jessica & her billion dollar brand especially. Check out some of their best looks, along with all the other hot goodies […]

  Start your afternoon with a navajo bang, courtesy of today’s Gear Of The Day Kicks. Then check out the best weekend bag on the net. Last but not least, find the perfect traveling grill for all your summer barbecue urges. Kicks That Blossom — GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY (PHOTOS) Kicks Who: Keep What: […]

If you’re a Home & Garden TV buff, you know that each year HGTV puts together some of the nicest homes and that they aren’t called “Dream Homes” for nothing. Check out some of our favorite rooms from Dream Homes past, sleek spring sandals, blinged out mouthpieces and more in today’s Gear Of The Day! […]

Today’s Gear Of The Day promotes fashion with a cause through Nicholas Kirkwood and his Keith Haring Foundation shoe collection. The Keith Haring foundation showcases the artwork of the famous, late Keith Haring and assists AIDS-related and children’s charities. On a lighter note, we also have “pretty” bags, classic hardware and haircuts of hip-hop past. […]

Here we go again and you know you love it. GlobalGrind has your Kicks made well, Jason Wu for you and Zubaz are making their comeback here today. If you love gear that keeps you edgy, rocking, colorful and cool, then this is for you. GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY: Our Current Obsession (PHOTOS) Kicks […]

GlobalGrind’s Gear Of The Day is back in effect with eco-fective bags, padded sneaks, fascinating head pieces, throwback fitteds, and a crazy concept car. Take a look, support all things upcycled, and try out a fascinator; we’re sure you’ll like what you see.GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY: Jimmy Choo Takes Your Shoes, Bamboo Kicks Your […]

Heeeeyyyyyyyyy worrrrrrllllddd it’s @DWIGHTHOWARD!!!! I hope everybody out there has had a good week. I got some good work in with my Magic teammates every day this week and I was back in the weight room last night until almost midnight getting in another hard workout. Tightening things up before camp starts the week after […]

Hi it’s @Buckylasek I spend a lot of time outdoors, whether it is practicing or competing. Over the years, I have noticed changes. Hotter summers. Shorter winters. Crazier weather. Thicker, more polluted air. Some call it global warming, others climate change. Regardless of the name, it impacts everything from our snow quality to quality of […]


Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the religious leader behind plans to build an Islamic center and mosque a few blocks from New York’s ground zero spoke for the first time on Wednesday night on Larry King Live.  Speaking with Soledad O’Brien, the Imam spoke about the growing controversy surrounding the proposal to build an Islamic Cultural […]