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Today’s Gear Of The Day promotes fashion with a cause through Nicholas Kirkwood and his Keith Haring Foundation shoe collection. The Keith Haring foundation showcases the artwork of the famous, late Keith Haring and assists AIDS-related and children’s charities.

On a lighter note, we also have “pretty” bags, classic hardware and haircuts of hip-hop past. Start checking it out below.

GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY: Edgy, Rocking, Colorful And Cool (PHOTOS)


Who: Nicholas Kirkwood + the Keith Haring Foundation

What: Keith Haring Inspired Heels

Where: Find your local Nicholas Kirkwood store here.

When: Now, if you can.

GG Certified: Keith Haring’s graphic artwork has been famous since the ’80s. Its playful look actually has a rather serious message of “vitality and unity” behind it. We’re sure you’ve seen his artwork adapted to many, many products like luggage and clothes by now. Most recently Nicholas Kirkwood has taken on Keith’s artwork, and he has done an excellent job. Nicholas collaborated with the Keith Haring Foundation, which helps out with children’s and AIDS-related charities, to create footwear just as artistic as Keith’s work. If you want to add museum quality shoes to your collection, this would be the collection to look at.


Nicholas Kirkwood + Keith Haring Foundation Heels.


Mixed Bag

Who: Marc By Marc Jacobs

What: Pretty Nylon Knapsack

Where: Nordstrom

When: Sometime soon.

GG Certified: OK guys, so yes, the word “pretty” is in this bag’s name, but this is truly a unisex knapsack. Get a printed or a solid colored one and wear it like you would any other backpack. Trust us, this is something everyone should have.


Pretty Nylon Knapsack.



Who: Love Moschino

What: Love Moschino Brooch

Where: Yoox

When: When you want to look a little preppy and a little classic.

GG Certified: A brooch is always an interesting way to embellish a snazzy outfit; not many people know about the pin and brooch trick. Embrace this style secret for yourself.


Love Moschino Brooch, back.



Who: Barbers

What: The High-Top Fade

Where: At your local barbershop.

When: No better time than the present.

GG Certified: Once upon a time in hip-hop (think Kid N Play), the high-top fade was fairly popular. We know that there are retro groups and vintage hip-hoppers that may still embrace these hair cuts, but maybe it’s time for the high-top fade to be back in the mainstream of hair & hip-hop.


Bobby Brown’s Gumby High-Top Fade.


One Day…

Who: Boucheron

What: Crazy Collection Watches

Where: See these, or design your own at Boucheron.

When: We want it now!

GG Certified: Boucheron literally makes some of the craziest custom jewelry around. Their interesting Crazy Collection Watches have done a number on us. What do you think of jewelry like this?


Crazy Collection – Crazy Jungle Owl Watch.