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Jessica Simpson and Lily Allen both started their careers as popstars and have evolved into much more. These ladies have taken their skills from music to fashion and made such great names for themselves; Jessica & her billion dollar brand especially.

Check out some of their best looks, along with all the other hot goodies for today in this installment of Gear Of The Day.

Color Yourself Cured In Nike Dunks ’08 While Clutching McQueen — GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY (PHOTOS)


Who: Jessica Simpson

What: Bendie Heels


When: You don’t have them yet?

GG Certified: Jessica Simpson’s fashion brand walks the walk without talking the talk. Her garments and shoes are always hot. Take this color-blocked pair of sling-back platform heels and wear them with anything. Well, maybe not anything, but just about everything!


Jessica Simpson Bendie Heels.


Mixed Bag

Who: Marc by Marc Jacobs

What: Totally Turnlock Lucy Tote

Where: Shopbop

When: Anytime, the bag is good for all seasons.

GG Certified: Quilted double handles, topstitching and pebbled leather combine in this tote-like handbag to form a casual, chic accessory. It works well with any outfit since it’s a neutral color and looks fine in spring, summer, fall and winter.


Totally Turnlock Lucy Tote, interior.



Who: China Glaze

What: Crackle Glaze Nail  Lacquer

Where: Sally Beauty

When: When you need a hearty laugh. 

GG Certified: The crackle/shatter nail epidemic is still going strong. Make sure you get a good color or two for your nail trend needs.


Some of China Glaze’s Crackle Glaze Nail Lacquer color options.





Who: Lucy In Disguise

What: Vintage Inspired Fashion Line by Lille Allen & Sarah Owen.

Where: See more on

When: For now, it’s only sold in London, but keep an eye out for when the line goes international.

GG Certified: Lily Allen and her sister, Sarah Owen, have created a line of luxe vintage inspired clothes and dresses. They have tweaked styles from the best decades in fashion and made them fit today’s woman. Take a look at some of their pieces here.



Lucy In Disguise Dress.


One Day…

Who: SuleKoc Design

What: Sofist

Where: Find info on

When: When you want to take a futuristic and minimalist approach to home decor.

GG Certified: SuleKoc Design created the Sofist sofa by stripping out the “unnecessities.” It’s a couch-like frame that can be used for both seating and storage; The simplicity of furniture at its best. One day we’ll all have crazy creative furnishings like this.


Sofist by SuleKoc.

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